2019-2021 The project REDs – Digital Educational Resources aims to design, create and pilot digital educational resources for the 1st cycle of Portuguese basic education in the areas of Science, Mathematics and Portuguese. The funding provided by POCH will allow the development of the work plan over three years. During this first year of the project I have mainly been part of the team that is developing the math games narratives, the team that is developing the project’s website, and I’ve also been the person responsible for a science game about sustainability.

since 2019 Revisionista is an online tool to reveal post-publication changes in the Portuguese news. This project received 2nd place in Arquivo.pt Award 2019. I was responsible for creating the logo for this project and I am the project’s social media manager. Currently we are working on expanding the project and applying for funding.


since 2015 ReThinking Visualization is a resource for anyone interested in visualization. The project’s main goal is to help building a better understanding all the pieces that compose a visualization and to help detecting patterns.

ReThinking Visualization

2018 “Binaural Listening Experience” was an immersive experience that resorted to binaural audio to give the spectators the feeling of being on stage, surrounded by the musicians. This method of recording sound intends to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation. The audio is available on Spotify

Binaural Listening Experience

2018 ISOJVis is an analysis of the conversation on Twitter about the 2018 edition of the International Symposium on Online Journalism using the hashtag #ISOJ2018. The analysis was carried using text mining and topic modeling methods.


2009-2016 I was Ubuntu PT’s content manager for several years, overseeing the content presented on the website, and also being responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating, and cleaning up outdated content.

Ubuntu PT

2010 Gamegeek is a short documentary produced during the UT Austin Documentary Mashup Summer Institute course. It focuses on a group to whom boardgames are a passion. They get together every Wednesday in a cafe called “Passion Fruit” to play and meet new people. During the meeting pieces are placed, removed, moved on the boards. There is laughter, talking and a lot of noise.


2010 This project consisted on a redesign proposal for Revista n, a website used to disseminate the work carried out by NOVA FCSH students for the class “Atelier de Jornalismo.” This work was developed as final work for the Master in New Media and Web Practices.

Revista N